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Nov. 22, 2021

105: The one with Rozalla

Dance anthem Everybody’s Free is the defining song of the 90s peaking at No.6 in the UK, selling more than 6 million copies, and catapulting Rozalla to international stardom. Hit after hit and a tour with Michael Jackson followed for the chart-topping Queen of Rave, but when musical tastes changed and girl and boy bands started to dominated the charts, dance music lists its edge. But Rozalla is no ordinary performer. She never let her love for music subside and continued to release music,…

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Nov. 17, 2021

104: The one with Love Affair's Steve Ellis

Steve Ellis is the Great White of soul singers who fronted 60’s mod, pop, soul group Love Affair best remembered for their stunning singles Rainbow Valley, Bringing On Back The Good Times, and of course the smash hit Everlasting Love, which become one of the defining songs of its era. Now Brighton-based Steve (well, where else?), post-Love Affair, had more chart hits with Widowmaker, has since forged out a successful solo career, and is about to release a 10 CD boxed set. We chat about th…

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Oct. 6, 2021

103: The one with James Zada aka Llewellyn

If selling over a million albums of new age, meditation, and relaxation music under the name Llewellyn wasn’t enough, multi-talented composer, James Zada, is now venturing into the world of contemporary pop music. Driven by a deep love for nostalgic 80s and 90s evergreen classics, Fame, his debut release under the name James Zada, is packed with catchy and uplifting pop tracks all with a distinctive nostalgic feel.  We chat about the inspiration behind the album, James’ reason for changin…

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Sept. 11, 2021

102: The one with Dean Friedman

American singer-songwriter Dean Friedman first entered into the international pop consciousness in 1977 with the Top 20 chart success of his infectious hit single, Ariel.  And before anyone could attach the label ‘one hit wonder’, Dean scored again with the release of his follow up album, “Well, Well,” Said the Rocking Chair, and hit singles, Lucky Stars, Lydia, Rocking Chair, McDonald’s Girl and Woman Of Mine.  Dean has has since become known as a songwriter par excellence and has compos…

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