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Cat’s accent and soothing voice will help you forget time exists. That and her elegant choice of words and guests keep me captivated! The world needs more and more of this!!

Nostalgic Flash Back

With the usual rubbish on TV over the Xmas and New Year period it was lovely to be able to tune into a couple of Nostalgic CATtales interviews. Right Said Fred & Limahl took me right back to the 80’s & 90’s when let’s face it they were much more carefree times unlike now! Both interviews took me away from the current chaotic world we are in as both episodes made me smile and chuckle, as well as stirring the memories from way back when!

Brilliant show

Wonderfully produced, Cat does an amazing job with this podcast. The interview is on point and she navigates the interview in such an interesting way.

Puuuuuuurrrrfect Musical Magic From Cat

I’ve tuned into a few of Cat’s Interviews with some musical greats over the recent lockdown period and I must say they always have me hooked and intrigued from the start. Cats’s ability to capture the often unseen side of musicians and vocalists ensures a great fresh appeal to the listener. Added into the mix her amazing candid photos from gigs over the years just amplifies the closeness she gets to the subject and certainly conveys to the listener. This is one Cat who’s got the Cream.

Excellent podcast

Cat does a great job interviewing musicians from various genres. It’s more like you’re listening to 2 friends chatting. She’s funny, witty, asks poignant questions and makes guests feel at ease. I love listening and think anyone tuning in will enjoy as well.

Top Chats

Interviews with a range of personalities done with a lot of warmth and good humour. Very informative, well researched and enjoyable to listen to.

Excellent shows

Love the shows... excellent interviews held in a fun way...