Sept. 22, 2020

Just Bee Cause

Just Bee Cause

It always feels good to give back so that's exactly what we're doing!

Each December, 5% of all proceeds from the membership programme or support from ‘buying CATtales a drink’, will be donated to charity chosen by CATtales members.

As the programme is being launched in the Autumn of 2020, it seems sensible to run the first cause to be supported through to December 2021. 

And, as it is too early for supporters to choose the charity this year, the selection has been passed over to one of CATtales’ sponsors: the UK Subs’ Charlie Harper.

In honour of the beautiful, unique, cat painting Charlie created especially for CATtales’ members, we have chosen to support Friends of The Earth’s The Bee Cause

A great indicator of a healthy environment, bees and pollinating insects are struggling to survive due to climate breakdown and habitat loss. 

With 35 UK bee species currently under threat of extinction we thought that you’d like to help to give bees a chance.

I hope you approve.