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Aug. 29, 2020

Charlie Harper’s Cat Painting

Charlie Harper’s Cat Painting

The UK Sub's Charlie Harper is a creative guy and just can't stop the flow. When he's not touring the world with one of the most iconic punk rock bands in history he's raising money for charity by...well...painting...errr...cats! 

Now, many people may not think of cats as very punk but, let's be honest, anyone who has owned or come into contact with a cat will know that nothing has more 'attitude' than those little feline creatures. And here, at CATtales, we love could we not?

So, when Charlie put his artistic talents into producing a cat painting especially for us, we were holding onto our tails with anticipation! 

And here is the result...a stunning, fun, piece of art that truly captures the spirit of CATtales and is as unique as the show itself.

We will be bringing you some very exciting news about Charlie's fabulous cat painting very soon, so listen out for the tale with Charlie Harper for more details. Grab your tails, it will be aired next month.