June 7, 2020

New Site For A New Era

New Site For A New Era

Welcome To The New Site

Back in 2000 when I first entered the world of journalism, I never dreamt that 20 years later I would be the producer of a successful podcast show with tens of thousands of listeners.

Of course, podcasts had never even been invented then and my recordings were solely for transcribing the interviews for publication but, never-the-less, if I had dared to dream of what I'd like to achieve in my career, then this would be it.

My very first interview was one with Squeeze's Glenn Tilbrook but, sadly, the audio has long been lost, recorded over with later conversations, much like the lost tapes of the BBC. A few interviews from those early days have survived and, despite the lack of audio quality, they have been shared as a tale as I still believe that they do have value and are still entertaining to listen to.

65 episodes later, I am enjoying producing CATtales more than ever and thought the show deserved a website to give listeners the best experience possible. So, I hope you enjoy browsing through the pages, looking back at the archives and listening to old episodes and, of course, please subscribe to your favourite podcast channel or the mailing list so you can hear future episodes of the show.

Stay safe and thank you for listening! 

Cat xx