Oct. 11, 2020

Backstage with Del Bromham

Backstage with Del Bromham

I first met Del back in 2003 at the Cambridge Rock Festival. Although we move in the same circles, it was only a fleeting encounter but his distinctive look stayed with me and the following year we both found ourselves back there again.

He rocked the stage performing with his Blues Devils and his musicianship was superb so, when I got the opportunity to invite him onto the show, I thought that he’d tell an interesting tale. And I wasn’t wrong.

Happy to chat about anything, Del was easy to talk to and an interviewer’s dream, giving me a scoop and telling me about the struggles of the music business in the COVID world.

What surprised me most, though, was how Del was willing to open up about the very delicate and emotional subject of his daughters death and shared with me some personal stories about her passing. I was very touched and humbled by his honesty.

Just such a lovely guy who was a complete pleasure to chat to. This is the one with Del Bromham...