July 24, 2020

74: The one with Motörhead and Pink Fairies' Lucas Fox

74: The one with Motörhead and Pink Fairies' Lucas Fox

I call Paris and spend a very entertaining evening in the delightful company of Lucas Fox, co-founder of Motorhead, drummer with Warsaw Pakt and now member of Pink Fairies. He recounts lots of fascinating stories, divulges a few secrets and reveals all about some risky, as well as risqué, moments in his life.

In this first tale in a two-part series, Lucas tells me about his early days, his big break into the music industry, a chance encounter with Keith Moon, Ringo Starr and Charlie Watts, and how his band, the WH Pierce band, were recorded by Roger Waters.
And, of course, we chat about his first meeting with Lemmy and how Motorhead was born, but also about his obsession with ladies lingerie and why he is spilling the beans of all the sex and drugs in his forthcoming autobiography.

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Lucas Fox

Motörhead ~ Warsaw Pakt ~ WH Pierce Band ~ Pink Fairies

To Cat 0’nine Tails Thomas, short and long and to whom it may concern…

No time to waste time (as Ray Charles said to me, as I sat by his side on his piano seat, the second time we worked together)… the electricity was there in the interview from the off, fuelled by Cat’s curiosity, always aposite and to the point. In my lair here in Paris, suitably shirted and booted with the same black belt I wore in Motörhead slung over my bootcut jeaned snakehips, Cat’s questions came in thick and fast, more than willing to reveal all, knowing instinctively that this was going to be one of those iconic interviews that musicians crave for when being bombarded by badly researched and assinine questions in so many other cases. But none of it I was to be happily hook line and sinkered to bear all for a fun time which, I would hazard a guess would come out on radio as a classic Cat (o’nine) Tail from this feisty intelligent semient and empathic being… her listeners are lucky to have such a gem on their radio dial…

In my humble opinion Cat should have her own radio or visual show, podcast to a quality starved and thirsty for real and exciting content World…

Lucas Fox
Founder member and drummer of Motörhead MKI, the bridge between prog rock, punk and metal…

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Phil Campbell, Lucas Fox