May 25, 2020

61: The one with Deep Purple’s Glenn Hughes

61: The one with Deep Purple’s Glenn Hughes

This tale is about a true rock original. He’s a vocalist, bassist, a songwriter and a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee. 

No other rock musician has carved such a distinctive style and contributed to the sound of progressive and hard rock. From his first band Trapeze in the late 60s through Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, to Black Country Communion, he’s the ‘voice of rock’, believes that ‘love is the answer and music is the healer’ and now he’s the latest member of super group The Dead Daisies.

Glenn Hughes Profile Photo

Glenn Hughes

Deep Purple ~ Black Sabbath ~ Black Country Communion ~ The Dead Daisies ~ California Breed ~ Trapeze

The Dead Daisies Profile Photo

The Dead Daisies

Glenn Hughes, Jon Stevens, Marco Mendoza