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Feb. 1, 2022

109: The one with Steve Harley

109: The one with Steve Harley

Steve Harley has spent over 50 years making us smile. The rebel with a cause really has done it all; achieving number one chart success, selling millions of records worldwide and writing music that will live on forever.

One of the nicest men in the business takes time out to chat with me about music and life. Steve explains: how he has achieved the purest sound possible on his latest album, Uncovered; why he wrote a third verse on Compared With You (and who it is for); what advice he has for young people getting into the music business today; how he gets irritated by the ‘woke’ society; and about his love of birds…of the feathered variety.

The tracks featured are: Make Me Smile (Come Up & See Me) from live album Anytime; Only You and Compared With You (Your Eyes Don’t Seem To Age) from Uncovered; and Seeking A Love from the Face To Face album. 
Visit steveharley.com for more information about Steve, where to purchase his music and when and where Steve & The Cockney Rebels will be performing live.

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