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Nov. 17, 2021

104: The one with Love Affair's Steve Ellis

104: The one with Love Affair's Steve Ellis

Steve Ellis is the Great White of soul singers who fronted 60’s mod, pop, soul group Love Affair best remembered for their stunning singles Rainbow Valley, Bringing On Back The Good Times, and of course the smash hit Everlasting Love, which become one of the defining songs of its era.

Now Brighton-based Steve (well, where else?), post-Love Affair, had more chart hits with Widowmaker, has since forged out a successful solo career, and is about to release a 10 CD boxed set.

We chat about the forthcoming release, pop sensation Love Affair, organising a tribute concert in memory of the late Steve Marriott, and how he once got arrested.


The tracks featured are: Lonely No More from Boom! Bang! Twang! and Hit The Spot from Ten Commitments. For more information about Steve and his music, visit www.SteveEllis.co.uk

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Steve Ellis

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